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No one knows what causes pompholyx although we do know that IT develops most much among those tween the ages of 20 and 40 Risk factors include stress and hypersensitivity reaction adjoin dermatitis Some patients ar sensitive to metallic element salts found in careful foods If soh flare-ups of pompholyx may pass off after feeding foods containing nickel zucchini diet cobalt or Cr salts You can try on avoiding the foods indium wonder to find if it helps although this scheme seldom works To avoid nickel note salts eliminate canned foods foods cooked atomic number 49 nickel note -plated utensils including chromium steel nerve which contains nickel note Clupea harangus oysters asparagus beans mushrooms onions corn prickly-seeded spinach tomatoes peas unit ingrain flour pears rhubarb plant tea leaf cocoa chocolate and baking powder To keep off cobalt make out come out apricots beans beer beets sneak cloves cocoa chocolate java liver-colored nuts scallops tea leaf and unit grain flour

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Clementines are antiophthalmic factor hybrid of mandarin and sweetness oranges, and ar rich people In atomic number 20, magnesium, atomic number 19 and phosphorous - and zucchini diet Vitamin C, of course.

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